Monday, April 19


Click Up There

The hands of Abe. I guess you could say this is, um, hand painted?


Andreas said...

Absolutely cool, and a great idea to flip sides. Wow!

It's a also interesting how deep you dive into that Snap Art thing, down to a point where it's as far from a snap as it could be. Hmm ... amazing how you put color into it. Way cool :)

Flo (tonebytone) said...

Ted, I love your Snap Art "diddles" including this one.

Question: why did you choose to display the hands in the reverse of what we would normally see? It just bothers me, is why I asked.

Barry Armer said...

Cool! I wouldn't have recognized what this was sans the iconic white marble. Thanks for cluing me in!


Ted said...

Thanks Andreas and Barry. Flo... I guess I did it to bother... to disconcert... to create a tad of attention focusing thought. Glad it worked. And thank you too.