Thursday, November 19

Thing Over Seal Rocks

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On the edge of San Francisco
There's a thing
Above the seal rocks it sits there
Looking out
Which is what it does while we look
Back at it.

Have you seen it? If not... so look. There it is.


The thing tugged at my camera's lens. Look how pristine the place is. How sterile and bare. Scoured continually by Pacific winds. But out on this point poking over a cliff into the sea, against the sky hanging above the sand, is this human scene. And the mysterious thing just pokes at my imagining. There's a story here, right?

And this thing, by the way, sucks in light. Which makes it a lighthouse that works exactly in reverse to the way other lighthouses work. Now that's cool, huh?


Ángel Corrochano said...

Brilliant!!!! , the result like a dark camera, the processing is very good and the excellent resemblance.

Warm greetings

April said...

This image invites me into another world. I want to go inside and play!

Andreas said...

So so, you're reusing this image :)

Well, I like it better than the version in "Artifact" (13-APR-2008). It's nearer to the original and still worlds away. Love it.

Usha said...

Ted,A while ago you asked about iChat. Our son is home right now. Call me at 262-902-9177 if you see this soon and we can help you.

J. L. T. said...

W.o.w.! Very surreal scene, walking on the moon or somewhere... Great processing! Sunny greetings