Wednesday, January 9

A Sense of an Ending

And Its Artist Died
Has the studio soul?
Does it scram with its artist?
Is a studio clothes?
An affectation of him,

Or the kernel of a whole?

Do studios wonder
When harshly left… Forsaken?
About advice to finish
What together they started?

Does Studio mourn an end?

Here’s a lonely, gray Lancaster County, Pennsylvania morning… or mourning, depending on your bent. Can you sense mine that day? I captured its aura through my hand-held Canon 7D’s 17-85mm f4-5.6 glass then stitched the pieces together in PS augmenting its feelings with a bunch of custom brushes and textures. Finally I grabbed Alien Skin’s Snap Art to work in an oil-painted mood of loss or even portention (izzat a word? Regardless, it fit my feeling).

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