Friday, January 1

Sometimes my mind changes. Yours?

I like alleyways. They're where time leaves the most dust. Y'know?


Cedric Canard said...

Hi Ted, happy new year mate. What a brilliantly charged and yet beautifully haunting photo to start off 2016. Film Noir in colour. I really like this. The way I'm feeling lately, if I started the year with a photo of this calibre I would be concerned that it would be all downhill from here. In your case however I have a feeling this is just the start.

Have a good one Ted. Thanks for sharing your insights and your work. I appreciate it more than I can express.

Cedric Canard said...

By the way, about your title.

Perhaps you are fortunate to have a mind to change. From my perspective, I cannot change my mind as I do not see myself having a mind to change however, I do find that mind changes me and only when I tune it out completely do I get a glimpse of what I am; and I see that that 'I' has never changed in spite of appearances. Hmm… too freakin' early in the year for this stuff :)

Hang loose Ted.

Ted said...

One of my economist heroes, Paul Samuelson was badgered by a reporter over his differing recommendations about a "tolerable' level of managed inflation, wondering pointedly if Samuelson was inconsistent, even cagey. To which he responded, "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do?" I'm kind of that way except I'd as often substitute the word feelings for facts... particularly when it comes to things arty.

This was a monochrome rendering originally. But it lacked what many two color images miss... full bore emotional throb. So I took out a bottle of throb and coated the thing. I'm totally flattered that it resonates with you. thanks Cedric and all the best in '16 to you and your family. BTW, sorry i missed you when you visited the States. Next time? Perhaps if we finally come your way, we'll meet for a brew?

Cedric Canard said...

Thanks for your good wishes Ted. I've been thinking of doing a trip to the US just to visit blogger friends I've made over the years. It's still 2-3 years away before I could conceivably do it but the intention is there. You can be sure that you would be on my list.

BTW, I am glad that you didn't keep your image as B&W. I mean, I get why that would have been a choice but seeing it like this, well, I can't imagine any other way.

See you in the blogosphere until I see you for real some day :)