Friday, May 2

Along the Liffey

The British murdered a million Irish
Another million were forced to immigrate
When the potato blight killed
The food that absentee English landlords
Allowed their tenants to eat.

Meantime Aristocrats exported 
More than enough food 
Causing the19th century genocide.
And igniting the next century

Of troubles. 

It was not a religious war
It was a reclamation. 

And now on Court House Quay
Along Dublin's River Liffey
This guy, cast in metal,
Stands enfolding his
Earthly belongings.

It's to cry...

Dublin, Ireland. Across the river is The Immaculate Heart of Mary on City Quay in the midst of the city's Docklands. Canon 7D, Post processed in PS4 with Topaz Adjust & Alen Skin's SnapArt oil paint. Custom brushes and textures.  Cross processed with beta version of  customized Alien Skin Exposure 6.

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