Thursday, March 28

Bosporus Sun

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Squint in the glare
Of summer.
Not though from
The sun's searing light.

Squint at Turkey's
Deep color.
Un-bleached from
The day's blasting bright.

Along Istanbul's Bosporus • July 2011 • Canon EOS 7D • Canon EF-S10-22mm @ f/3.8, 1/320, ISO200 • 4 panel pano • custom dynamic enhancements in PS4:AlienSkin: Various textures created in SnapArt3, Custom brushes. Sky imagined in PS4.


Markus Spring said...

You certainly teleported it right back into 1001 nights, Ted!

Roland said...

Still so incredibly bold, rich, dense and wonderfull all in one shot. You're work keeps to inspire me, Ted.


John - Visual Notebook said...

Nicely done! Great colors to go along with the composition.

Ted said...

Markus: Uh-huh---- you hit the feeling... TELEPORTED. That's exactly what came over me from the deck of our boat. Thanks Markus...

Roland: From a photographic magician... I"m really complimented. THanks Roland. Hope all's well. And yep, the air is so rich along the Bosporus in summer you can feel it move against you as you walk through the light.

John: It's as if you can catch the whispery movements of ghosts at the periphery of your lens in Istanbul. Thanks for letting this image resonate with you.