Thursday, December 22

Chris Left This Morning...

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My friend Chris’s body stopped
this morning…
But a spirit in motion
stays in motion.

RIP, Chris Herr 1939-2011

In the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey (June, 2011)
Canon 7D: Extreme crop (20%), PS4, Alien Skin: BlowUp3, SnapArt3, Oil. Custom textures & Brushes.


Flo (tonebytone) said...

Oh, Ted. I'm so sorry for your loss! What a bad time for him to go, too - but if he was sick and in pain, it's best for him now.

That's a lovely portrait. One you and his family will cherish.

Andreas said...

Incredible. We are so sorry to hear that.

Irene and Andreas

Ted said...

It was three days before his birthday and the week before Christmas Flo. But it was quick and until the very last without much physical discomfort (a quick acting liver cancer). You and Irene met him in Florence Andreas and he continued to fondly recall that evening... often mentioning to friends. He was a great, if silent, fan of your work and was quite proud that he knew you personally.

Thank you both all for the feelings. I miss him.