Saturday, June 11

HULP! Need help for Turkey!!!

*Whee.... I've been invited to a Turkey writers/journalist conference for nine days in July (17-25/2011). Fly in on 7/17 then visit Istanbul (7/18-19), Antalya (7/20), Izmir (7/21-22), Cappadocia (7/23), Istanbul (7/24), Home (7/25).

*Scheduled sites:*
_Istanbul:_ Miniaturk, Topkapi Palace, Sulfaris Synagogue, Hagia Sophia, The Underground Cistern. Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Sahara Restaurant, Suleymariye Mosque, Grand Covered Bazaar, a Bosphorus boat tour.

_Antalya:_ Ancient city of Kaleici, Aspendos, Perge,

_Izmir:_ Yamaniar Educational Institute, Ephesus, House of Virgin Mary, St. Jon Bascilica,

_Cappadocia:_ Open Air Museum of Goreme, Goreme National Park, The Underground cities. Dinner at a friend's home.

So? How's this look? Who know these cities? Is this a great photographic opportunity? Are there things my lens should *NOT MISS*???? Hulp. Suggestions?


Andreas said...

Best thing you could do after Italy. Byzantium is just the direct continuation. That is what always fascinated me: while most of Europe fell under the waves of barbarism, Constantinople carried on the torch.

Hmm ... we didn't thank them though, and we acted like the barbarians we sprang from. In fact, the Turks conquered them, but they treated them better than the crusaders 250 years before, and while the crusaders robbed them, the Turks carried on and made Istanbul the greatest city in the world.

Congratulations! Hope they let you take photographs in all those places, especially the Hagia Sophia.

Oh, and while you're there, probably before you leave, can you tell them that Internet censorship is ugly, really, really stinking ugly? Thanks :)

Flo (tonebytone) said...

Ted, what a great opportunity! You'll find Turkey fascinating. I've never been there, but I've seen lots of pictures - esp ones like National Geographic. I hope you get to take your wife, too - if she wants to go, that is.

Ted said...

Damned Venetians were the worst of the looters, Andreas. Hope that their Internet diddlings won't affect my ability to edit articles for my magazine, else I shall be in BIG difficulty.

And yes Flo, Rita is VERY happily coming along.

Andreas said...

I suppose not, but as far as I know, they block Blogger(and YouTube and Google and ...), thus you probably won't be able to show them your blog.