Saturday, February 19

Andreas Does Duomo

Each moment
Caused by the last
Each tensioned
Without the last.

What moment
Far from the last
Is finally
Free from the first?

Once upon a very early morning Andreas Manessinger and I went to find art among great art that would be different from the art it was among. And it occurred to me that the artist is always a part of the art that is found, but too often not pictured there.

Or something like that? Enjoy.

Canon 20D, Florence/Firenze, Italy.

PS... I once posted something like this but the BAD APPLE - explained there in the right column - made it go away. The magical colors made me bring it back. Hope you'll agree that the effort's worthwhile?


Andreas said...

Wow, that's almost 3 1/2 years ago.

Good job with the light on me. Looks absolutely natural, just as if you had used a torch or something. Not that I would have recognized :D

Funny, you always make jokes on me for using that tripod, but in reality I use it hardly at all. Must have been a year since the last time.

Ted said...

You've watched me work Old Buddy. I carry as little as possible so no torch/strobe units, and no tripod. BUT... Here you go telling me that you are rarely using yours while I've thought about how effective you can use your on location and I'm sort of thinking of buying one.

Yes, the light in the early morning around Il duomo is enchanting... It's as if glimmering gems and gleaming gold create the glow.

Winter bum me. I'm like a bear... I stock up and then hibernate. So I've been poking through the inventory storerooms at the piles of wonderful images I never buffed up before. Which is why I found you in the darkness.