Saturday, September 25

The Jazz Tones

Last week my business magazines celebrated their tenth anniversary. Yippeee! And we had a reception at the Penn Square Marriott in Lancaster. My friend Art Lumsden is a super successful CEO, he has another buddy who's a prominent attorney, and another who's heavy into IT selling. But... but just incidentally on weekends they are The Jazz Tones. They were the entertainment and Art asked if I'd snap a publicity picture for them. From the choices he selected this one.....
Which after straightening and color balancing looked like this.....
But of course I could not leave alone. Thought it might be useable as a poster. So? Wuddaya think of the final image on the bottom here? <- Click here
Incidentally, I did not use a flash... all natural light with my D70 at f4 and 1/13th/sec at ISO 3200 through my Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6. Is their grain? Uh-Huh. But I wanted a sense of nightclub grit so I really dialed up the ISO. Thing is, I had to add some grain to the final image since even at ISO 3200 these images are very acceptable even at large size!


flo (tonebytone) said...

Ted, altho I do like the final "diddle," I'd have left the slant in the original. It's more "jazzy" that way, es[ since the guys aren't dressed as the usual jazz musicians are.

1/13th sec - you must have IS, right?

Funny, but I didn't really notice the percussionist until I looked at the final image!

What bothers me in the final image is that blaring white circle - drum, perhaps? It seems to want to come forward of the two guys who are standing, yet it was really behind them.

If you can't tone it down, how about inserting some message - or even the name of the band?

But, again, I wish I had your artistic vision in pp.

Gelfoto said...

An excellent taking and a worthy poster of the best spectacle of Jazz, congratulations.
Warm greetings

Cedric said...

I like your work. What you did with the drummer has me baffled but I do like the overall feel of the image. Cool elegance indeed.