Wednesday, August 4


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Roger and Jo found themselves in their surprise party last saturday. He's a craggy guy, eh? Does he look like a gunslinger? He should.

Tech stuff.... this was NOT a Bokeh enhanced image. Nope, the bokeh here was resident in my tack sharp Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens. It is a wonderful piece of glass, particularly for the candid portrait artist. The dynamic range, sharpness, and contrast rarely fail to make an image pop. Plus my new 7D has focusing power that's astonishing. I took a few hundred images that afternoon and maybe six were out of focus! This will become a classic lens... you can bank on it. Well, given the price, maybe you have to, eh?


John Roberts said...

Usually dappled light will ruin a portrait, but you've managed to position everything just right, and the light enhances this one.

Ted said...

Thanks Johnl. But it helps when I create my own dappling. Or izzat cheating? Hmmmm.... Gotta think on that one.