Monday, June 14

Summer Drummer

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Summer in the city... THE BIG CITY! It's a Tuesday during business hours. Central Park's an office... a BIG OFFICE. And it's close to millions of customers. Just a phone call away. If you're good on the phone, Central Park's a good place to work. Especially if your shoes are shined laser bright.

Used my Canon G10 last week. It's small, inconspicuous, and quiet. Good thing, since I'm none of those things.


Debra Trean said...

always a pleasure to slow down and take a stroll through your latest creations. Hope all is well with you your images are as delightful as ever.

Gelfoto said...

Good series, seems extracted photograms of a film of dumb cinema.
Warm greetings.

Markus Spring said...

You sure that that's no scene of Forrest Gump that sneaked into your camera?