Tuesday, October 6

Blonde In Savannah - 1

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It's called "Factor's Walk". It runs parallel to River Street in Savannah, Georgia. I walked the old alleyway this afternoon. It's where Craig Tanner and Marti Jeffers will hold a workshop this weekend. Participants will work on street portraits. As you can see, there are plenty of characters to grab, eh?

This little star was prancing about in her TuTu. In Savannah I've found, the street photographer's got lots of low hanging fruit to harvest.

Lookit what you missed Andreas.


Marti said...

Neat shot, Ted. And, I'm sorry that you and Rita will be heading back before we get there. It would have been great to see you. Let's try this again.

Ángel Corrochano said...

Like a porcelain wrist in a showcase. a distorted vision, exit of a story of you foretell

Warm greetings, friend

Ted said...

(Marti) Thanks for the encouragement for my poaching on your preserve. Unfortunately I can rarely get away from my magazines on any week but the first (they are monthlies and things become frenetic by week two). We seem to be cursed to sit in night time ships that pass in the distance.

(Angel) Yes.... she does belong in a showcase. Perhaps I shall find more in this intriguing series when I return home next week. Thanks for the support.

Andreas said...

Ted, I already feel bad about it, no need to remind me with every post :)