Sunday, December 21

Merry Everyone

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Wishing you a warm and balmy Christmas... Blessed, of course with all of the joy that we imagine can happen and dream about over these days. Christmas is a feeling to believe in. Hope you do... tenaciously.


Andreas said...

Wow, that's ... WOW!

That's pretty much one of the most amazing bicycle images I've ever seen :)

Same to you :)

Ted said...

Okay Bicycle Man... get off my case. It is actually a picture of sand... and not till you mentioned it did I notice there was a bicycle in it. Grumble.... :}

Andreas said...

Exactly my thought at first. After all: the sand is pretty overwhelming.

But then, you know me, I'm a sharp-sighted and thorough viewer, and really, after much studying I could not deny it any longer: A bicycle indeed, hidden under all that rubble!

Well, should that ever happen again, just ignore it. They go away. Most of them. Most of the time.

Bill Birtch said...


a passion 'n frames said...

Ditto !!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!